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Award winning Living Energy System Project for an orphanage in Bien Hua, Vietnam.

If you want to harvest natural energy, Energy Harvester can work with you online—anywhere in the world.  We design with digital tools.  (See the book, Design with Digital Tools: Using New Media Creatively, written by Mark von Wodtke President of Energy Harvester, and published by McGraw-Hill in 2000.)  Now, using online imaging sources, we can virtually visit your site and evaluate your sunspace and local resources.  We develop 3-D digital models to show how to best integrate renewable energy systems to provide power at the point-of-use.  We do energy models to optimize your investment.  We can help you through all phases of your project, guiding your local team to insure success.

Contact us with your location and needs.  We will look at your sunspace. If we can help you, we will send you a contract proposal identifying the consulting services we can provide and the compensation necessary to help you succeed.

Typical Services:


  • Energy Harvester provides information on living well from the sun through regenerative design and renewable energy systems.
  • We works with property owners, community organizers, lenders, and local jurisdiction helping to gain support for clean renewable energy that is healthier for people and the planet, offers a better quality of life, and provides jobs for a more sustainable and peaceful economy.
  • We helps set up training programs teaching local people to install and maintain renewable energy systems including water harvesting and permaculture.

Fund raising

  • Energy Harvester helps you identify and apply for available incentives for renewable energy, positioning you to get the maximum buydowns, investment tax credits, depreciation allowances, carbon credits, and grants.
  • We can help you identify and apply for loans from both banks and equity funds.  Savings in energy bills will typically more than pay off these loans.
  • We can set up distributed generation associations so you can sell sunshares to investors who can provide the capital for your project.


  • Energy Harvester can identify and evaluate your local natural resources—solar, wind, water, and biomass.
  • We conceptualize ways to regenerate living energy systems that are sustainable.
  • We develop phasing strategies for transitioning to renewable energy using available funding.

Project Design and Development

  • Energy Harvester can provide documents necessary to gain entitlements for renewable energy projects.
  • We can provide the construction documents necessary for building permits and construction contacts.


  • Energy Harvester can integrate the necessary technological components, procure them from the global market place, and arrange to have them delivered to your site.

Construction Management

  • Energy Harvester can help you set up contracts with local trades people for successful installation.
  • We can commission the systems to assure optimal performance.

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Energy Harvester provides excellent value through high-quality design, maximizing incentives,
lowering overhead, and buying directly from manufacturers.
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