We have more than 30 years of design experience with renewable energy.

Energy Harvester helps people live well from the sun.  We focus on regenerative design, working with nature to sustain the earth.  We design and develop renewable energy systems integrated with buildings and landscapes.  By harvesting clean renewable energy at the point-of-use we reduce dependence on fossil fuels and avoid emissions.

Who we are:
Energy Harvester, Inc is a renewable energy dealer and developer, founded in 2000.  We integrate solar electric, solar thermal, wind, passive solar architecture, and human power technologies. Energy Harvester is registered as Renewable Energy Dealer #0660 with the California Energy Commission (CEC).  Mark von Wodtke, FASLA, is a registered Landscape Architect, California #1537, with a Masters of Landscape Architecture from UC Berkeley, a Bachelor of Architecture, as well as a Bachelor of Building Science from RPI. Erik von Wodtke has a Bachelor Degree in Film and Communication from Sarah Lawrence College.  William von Wodtke is earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin.

Energy Harvester grew out of the Claremont Environmental Design Group (CEDG) which combines architecture, landscape architecture and planning to provide green regenerative design services for sustainable projects that are LEED certifiable.  CEDG designs award-winning projects such as planning Living Energy Systems for an Orphanage in Bien Hua, Vietnam (which received a National ASLA Merit Award, and a Boston AIA Sustainable Design Award).  Mark von Wodtke, FASLA, is a founding principal of CEDG, established in 1978.  Energy Harvester continues to have a close working relationship with CEDG, integrating and managing the installation of renewable energy systems for award-winning architectural and landscape architectural projects to provide even greater value.

Mark von Wodtke is also a Professor Emeritus of Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona where he taught for 35 years.  He worked closely for many years with John T. Lyle, author of Design for Human Ecosystems, and Regenerative Design for Sustainable Development.  Mark helped John establish the Lyle Center for Regenerative Design at Cal Poly Pomona.

Energy Harvester works online with clients around the world.   Mark von Wodtke wrote the books Mind over Media: Creative Thinking Skills for Electronic Media, and Design with Digital Tools: Using New Media Creatively.  Both books were published by McGraw Hill.  Energy Harvester uses energy modeling software to forecast the performance of renewable energy systems.  We also use digital 3-D modeling to show how to integrate renewable energy systems and evaluate solar access.

Energy Harvester is developing power-positive Energy Harvester Homes and high-performance buildings, obtaining all the power they need from clean renewable energy sources.  We provide power at the point-of-use, avoiding the need to use carbon-based fossil fuels that are damaging the earth.

Energy Harvester is located in Claremont—in the heart of Southern California—a rapidly growing region with abundant renewable energy sources.  We have considerable experience integrating renewable energy systems. Because we live with the sun, we have long-term experience with how renewable energy works.  Sycamore Plaza— the office building which Mark von Wodtke developed with Brooks Cavin in 1982—integrates daylighting, passive and active solar heating, natural cooling as well as solar electricity and solar heated water.  The von Wodtke family home in Claremont has solar heating, solar hot water, solar electricity and natural cooling.  We also have a passive solar cabin at Big Bear Lake.

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